Barbie Feet and Why It Could Be Harmful

Barbie is a popular fashion doll that has been loved throughout generations. It has made recent waves as of late thanks to the upcoming film by Greta Gerwig, as well as the famous Margot Robbie arched foot scene.

If you’ve played with Barbies as a child, you’re sure to be familiar with this said foot scene, especially as it has been making rounds on the internet and even becoming a trend. Get to know what Barbie feet actually are and why this could be harmful, causing foot pain and more over time.

What is Barbie Feet?

Barbie feet are one of the latest body trends on the internet. This simply refers to the individuals modeling their feet akin to that Barbie’s permanently arched and pointed ones. The main goal of this trend is to help elongate people’s feet and appearance in their photos, especially when they’re barefoot.

It is slowly making waves once more as the news surrounding the release of the new Barbie movie. This also became prominent around 2018 and this was all the rage on Instagram back then.

This particular pose requires individuals to act as if they’re wearing an invisible pair of heels under their arches, despite there being nothing in the first place.

How This Trend Could be Harmful

Having toned and slimmer legs in photos are certainly wonderful. However, Barbie feet could pose more harm, which is why getting to know some of its negative effects is important. Here are some reasons why this trend could be harmful.

  • Promote Pain and Inflammation

Standing on the balls of your feet for extended periods of time can lead to foot pain or even nerve pain. This can even put you at increased risk for injury, especially as it forces the toes and feet to be placed in an exaggerated position, all the while carrying the weight of the body with it.

When this happens, you can expect some straining to happen not just on your feet, but on your calves as well. Some effects include structural issues on your feet as well as the risk of developing plantar fasciitis. Many experts say that this trend can shorten calves.

  • Impact Balance and Stability

In relation to the previous point, it’s worth reiterating that the Barbie feet trend can damage the structural integrity of your feet. The high arches of the feet, coupled with the pointed toes, change the way you uphold your body, thereby affecting the center of gravity as well.

This results in a disruption in the overall natural balance and stability of the body. As such, you might experience increased risks not just for ankle sprains, but also make yourself prone to falling or tripping even.

  • Unhealthy Body Expectations

Barbie is a doll. Fashioning this trend after a toy that has unnaturally long and slender legs that are constantly arched and pointed could lead to unrealistic body expectations and even body dysmorphia.

This can likewise affect one’s mental health, making individuals feel self-conscious or insecure, particularly young women whose views of themselves are shaped by the media.

The Bottom Line

Barbiecore is back in the limelight, but that doesn’t mean you have to remain boxed in with this trend. If you’re truly a Barbie girl in this Barbie world, you can start by recognizing the harmful effects and risks of this trend and raising awareness of what this trend could bring.

If you’ve already started doing this trend, worry not. You can contact a foot doctor near you to have your foot pain and overall foot health checked. Doing so helps promotes better habits and self-love at the same time.


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