“What’s On My Foot?” – Skin Lesions/Dermatology

I get texts of photos like the ones pictured below all of the time! “Dr Tabora, what is this on my foot?”

There are so many things that present as lesions such as: callus, HPK, warts, cysts, traumatic wounds, gouty tophi, precancerous, and cancer lesions. The list goes on and on, and there may be a combination of these listed above going on at the same time. All of these skin lesions can look/present the same way. The only way to determine what these are is by taking a small sample through a skin biopsy.

Many doctors will initially begin broad, generic, treatment based on what the lesion looks like. Sometimes these lesions will completely resolve during the initial treatment, while others may begin to get better and then return. The lesion may not get better at all with initial treatment. If these manifestations do not begin to improve, or return after, or during, initial treatment, then a biopsy of the lesion should be performed. Many can argue that a biopsy should be done on the initial visit. 

A good thorough history of the lesion should be taken from the patient.

When did it start? Has it grown in size? Has it changed color or shape? Does it ever cause pain? Is there a family history of these lesions?

The initial visit should include documentation of the current size, shape, color, and location.

Visit your nearest foot and ankle specialist, podiatrist, or dermatologist for an appropriate examination. 


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