Testing Product

Testing Product

Rapidly repairs nails

Patented nail delivery vehicle

Cosmetic and antifungal

Apply a thin layer twice a day on the nail plate, around the edge of the nail, and under the tip of the nail. The solution should be dry within 2 minutes, or it was likely overapplied. Avoid over-applying on your skin.
Instructions & Brochure
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The Tolcylen Delivery Vehicle

The key to the success of the Tolcylen Antifungal / Nail Renewal Solution is the patented Tolcylen Delivery Vehicle. After many years of development, this novel approach to formulation successfully combined a wide spectrum of cosmetic ingredients with an antifungal in an ultra-low surface tension, homogeneous delivery vehicle. In practice, this formulation resulted in over 90% patient satisfaction with their nail improvement over three months. In the early clinical study, Tolcylen achieved a ~70% mycological cure rate.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Tolcylen different from generic Tolnaftate or other topical antifungal products?
Tolcylen is the result of many years of scientific research and collaboration with leading physicians to develop the most effective antifungal drug for fungal infections of the nail bed. It is the only product to combine clinically proven nail renewal ingredients, cosmetic ingredients, and an antifungal drug in a patented low surface tension delivery vehicle designed to penetrate nails. Other antifungal and cosmetic nail products utilize thick emulsions, creams, gels, oils, and water-based delivery vehicles that limit penetration and are only intended for use on the skin.
How long until I see results?
Results vary based on the condition of your nail, how consistent you are with the application, and other factors. Some patients see visible changes within days, while others take a month or more. To cure the infection and fully renew a dystrophic nail, it may take as little as one month or as long as one year.
How long will my Tolcylen Solution tube last?
With proper use, your Tolcylen tube should last more than three months when treating ten toes twice daily. If you run out sooner, you are likely over-applying the solution on your nails.
Why is Tolcylen Solution only
available through physicians? Tolcylen is most effective when used as directed by your physician for your specific condition.
Can I use it over nail polish?
For best results, apply Tolcylen to the bare nail plate. Nail polish can be used over Tolcylen once it is dry, but it must be removed before the next application.